Pack Leaders Wanted!

Looking to join a team of dedicated Pet Care Professionals?

We have a passion for what we do.

It's the fire in the furnace. The gas in the tank. It's what works for us as a team.

A Balanced Pack is about helping people and their pets find balance, and balance always starts from the ground up. A strong foundation allows for a strong enterprise to be built. So to that end, we've built a strong team where communication, creativity and respect flow. It's just what we do.

Before you start firing résumés off, take a look at the nuts and bolts...

All Pack Leaders need to have:

  • Fluency in English (French is an asset!)
  • A solid knowledge of safe animal handling practices (i.e.: pet first aid)
  • Experience handling a variety of dogs & cats (e.g. vet clinic, kennel, shelter etc...)
  • Customer service experience
  • Cleared criminal background check
  • The ability to work independently & efficiently with little or no supervision
  • A valid Ontario Driver’s License
  • Your own reliable & insured vehicle (SUVs & minivans are a distinct advantage!)
  • Your own mobile phone (for scheduling, maps to clients houses, email, texts)
  • Internet access

Here's what we provide:

  • Liability insurance coverage
  • Paid training
  • Pre-screening of all clients
  • email account
  • A Balanced Pack teamwear & vehicle decals
  • All clients forms and documents

And of course,

  • Fantastic colleagues & furry friends!

We know you can't 'fake it' when working with animals. They know when we are feeling calm & assertive, and when we're not. Either you're the Pack's leader. Or you're not. There's no in between. It's simple and honest, and we like it that way. No guesswork. It's all about respect, trust and listening to that gut feeling we all have. A Balanced Pack's Pack Leaders work with their gut feelings, learning as much as they teach, and creating balance in themselves and in The Pack.

Work-life balance isn't 'a thing' at A Balanced Pack, it's simply assumed. We empower our Pack Leaders to build their schedules so they can offer their optimal performance to our clients and their pets. Vacation time is supported & encouraged.

We love fostering an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity when it comes to play time with the pets in our care. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a pack of satisfied dogs lounging tiredly after their day's adventures. But loving our furry friends isn't enough. Can you create that feeling of well-bring in yourself so that the dogs & cats have an opportunity can mirror it?

That's what it takes to be a Pack Leader.

So if you've still got that feeling of excitement in the pit of your belly, then fire away! Résumés with brilliant cover letters are to be sent to our Chief Dog Walker and Cat Whisperer, Erin Case at



Pets need friends too.