About Kyla

Kyla's Story.... 

Kyla joined A Balanced Pack in 2012, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge gained from being a graduate of the Veterinary Assistant program at St. Lawrence College. Her current position as a veterinary assistant at a local veterinary clinic, has allowed her skills and expertise to continue to grow and evolve in order to better serve all the pets under her care.

Kyla has a passion for post-surgical care and her on-going work with hospitalized pets provides a unique skill set that enables her to readily recognize the needs of the pets under her care. With significant experience caring for companion animals with a variety of health concerns including: renal insufficiency, diabetes, epilepsy, arthritis and obesity, Kyla offers peace of mind to our clients. Kyla particularly enjoys playing with the dogs on our Pack Walks, and her kindness and quiet enthusiasm for the pets under her care have made her a vital asset to A Balanced Pack's team of Pack Leaders.