Our Services

A Balanced Pack strives to help busy pet owners build happy and healthy lives with their pets. Whether they need daily exercise for their dogs, in-home overnight care for their pets while they are away, or something in between. A Balanced Pack offers personalized support of our clients' needs and goals.

Dog Walking

All dogs have their own unique needs and requirements for physical and psychological balance. Whether your best friend is a gentle senior, an active adult dog, a playful puppy or has specific training or medical requirements, we offer walks specifically tailored to your best friend’s needs.

Puppy Visits


Puppies need lots of one-on-one attention. We offer visits that include: short walks to support on leash skills, supplementary training session to support your own training goals, midday meals/snacks, gentle handling as practice for nail trims/ear cleaning/vet visits, and (of course) lots of love!

Private Walks


Some dogs need the extra attention a private walk can provide.  We offer walks for post-surgical support, behavioural challenges, or even simply some extra attention for dogs living in busy households.

On Leash Walks


Socializing is an important part of every dog’s development, helping ensure balance and confidence.  Group walks are a great way to introduce dogs to the idea of working as a pack, while still providing the guidance of a leash.

Off Leash Walks


Dogs need friends too, so A Balanced Pack offers off-leash walks for dogs in a group. If you have an active dog that needs some extra exercise, or simply needs someone to take your dog out for some fun social time, we have groups of friendly dogs ready to play with your best friend.

Group Pack Walks - NEW!

$10 ($15 for drop-in)

Bring your dog to one of our group Pack Walks! A Balanced Pack is now offering opportunities for clients to join us on group on-leash walks in their neighbourhoods. Our Pack Leaders will be on hand to answer questions and offer tips to make your walk more enjoyable.  On-going support on our Facebook Group: Balanced Pack Walks.

Six week program - $60+HST, or $15+HST per walk for drop-ins.  Space is limited. Please contact our office to reserve your space.

**Next session starts April 1st**


Let us help you!

Cat Care


Cats often benefit from staying in their own home while their owners are away as it provides much less disruption to their routines than a stay at the boarding kennel or cattery. Whether you’re going away for the weekend, the whole week or longer, A Balanced Pack offers care for cats in their home. Our services are especially valuable to clients with senior cats, cats that can be nervous or anxious with change and cats with special and/or medical needs.










On Leash walk












Initial Consultation (for new clients)


In order to get to know you and your pet, we schedule a meeting at your home. This is the prefect opportunity to learn more about us, ask questions about our approach to pet care, and discuss your pet's habits and routines.

Behavioural Consultations


From time to time we all come upon situation where we could use a little advice or assistance. Our years of experience working with cats and dogs have allowed us to develop a keen understanding of how to work with canine and feline psychology for a better and more balanced relationship between our clients and their pets. Our approach emphasizes building trust and respect through calm, assertive energy and consistent application of rules and boundaries.

Follow-up Consultations:

Phone Consultation:   $14.80/15mins

Private Consultation:  $18.65/15mins

After an initial behavioural consultation, on-going support from our experienced team of Pack Leaders are available via phone consultations. If you have a follow-up question about your pet's behaviour, we would be happy to provide our insight as your relationship with your furry companion evolves and grow.


Private Pet Care - Pet Sitting In Your Home

Starting at $101.25

If you are planning a trip, but are unsure what to do with your pet while you are away, our pet sitting service may be the key. Many pets benefit greatly from having one of our bonded and insured Pack Leaders stay with them in their home. Whether they are vigorous young puppies or kittens, active adult dogs or cats or seniors that may have special and/or medical needs, our pet sitting helps minimize the disruption to your pet's routine, while providing loving company and quality care. Additionally, as many homeowners’ insurance policies require that a home not be left unattended for an extended period of time, A Balanced Pack is able to serve both needs at the same time. We can accommodate daytime sitting, overnight care, multiple days/night and even stays of several weeks.  Let our experience as professionals ensure your peace of mind while you are away from home.


Medical Needs

Please Inquire

Our Pack Leaders have experience with insulin injections, subcutaneous fluids, as well as the administration of oral, ear, topical and eye medications.